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Greetings to you from the Arcturians

We come to you with open hearts. Our mission is to assist you in your ascension process and the ascension of your planet.

It is a mission of love.

We are a highly evolved civilisation and have assisted many planets in their ascension. Our spiritual technology is very advanced and we wish to teach you how to heal and ascend your planet and yourselves.

Our technology includes visits to our healing chambers on our magnificent starship Athena. We invite you to come to our Arcturian Crystal Temple in the etheric realm which we have created for you to receive our energy transmissions of love and light and meet many of the ascended masters.  And much more.

I first became aware of the Arcturians through one of David K Miller’s channelled books The Sacred Triangle Volume 1. I picked up the book, read one paragraph and decided I needed to meditate with the information. Immediately the Arcturian Helio-Ah came in through my crown, down into my heart and started working with me.

So I realised I would be working with the Arcturians. I later discovered that I am an Arcturian Starseed with a soul connection with Helio-Ah. From then on I worked to become a clear channel for the Arcturian energies and as my ability developed I discovered I could channel the energies of many higher beings including Jesus/Sananda, Mary Magdalene, Archangel Metatron, etc.

My spiritual journey over the last few years has been the most rewarding period of my life and I feel such love and appreciation for the Arcturians, guides and teachers who have supported me, loved me, guided me and accelerated my growth and evolution.

The evolution of the soul

Unlocking the codes of Ascension

The Arcturian Stargate

The journey of the evolution of the soul which humanity is engaged in is, of course, the opening of the heart. To learn to live from the higher intelligence of the heart instead of being enslaved by the ego mind. As we work to integrate our 5D self and light of soul into our Being, our high heart begins to open and activate.

We begin to experience the higher feelings of unconditional love, peace, acceptance,forgiveness, beauty and inner stillness.

Ultimately we achieve the enlightened state of Christ consciousness embodiment where we are free to leave the cycle of Earth incarnations and ascend.

Every being on their ascension travels to the Arcturian Stargate. The Arcturians are the guardians of the Stargate and work under the direction of Archangel Metatron.

The Arcturian Stargate is a place of unimaginable beauty and an incredible energy of love. We sometimes travel there in guided meditations.

We all know that the keys to unlocking the codes of Ascension lie within the heart. Love is the key.

The Extraterrestrials, The Ascended Masters & Archangels, The Native Ascended Masters

– The Sacred Triangle –

An important part of our work is planetary healing, focused on the UK, and creating a city of light in London.

We meet one Sunday a month and it always seems that all the light beings in the universe come to assist, sending in their energies.

Great results have been achieved. Those who participate also receive much activation and healing for themselves.

“I am with you always”

The Stargate, Crystal Temple, Sacred Etheric Crystals.

The Arcturians have created for us all the spiritual technology we need for the ascension.

They wish to teach us how to heal ourselves and this beautiful planet, the Blue Jewel.

They wish to help us to fulfil our soul mission as Lightworkers and Starseeds. Their energy transmissions are very powerful.

If you would like to learn more and join us in our work please contact me. We would love to hear from you.

“The Power Of The Universe will come to your assistance if your heart and mind are in Unity”

White Buffalo Calf Woman

Arcturus / Meditations


All our Meditations, Q&As and Teachings now go out Live on Zoom. The Arcturians would love you to join us. They have been asking me for some time to do this and it was the lockdown that forced me to get it together. Our group energy has been building exponentially. It is now time for us to find each and come together as we unite to ascend this beautiful Planet Earth.

We have all noticed how the energy of our group work together is expanding and becoming more powerful. Many people listen to our wonderful meditations from the Arcturians on YouTube and experience very positive results. I will put our Zoom details in the description and look forward to many more people joining us live. The Arcturians have been asking me for some time to use social media to increase our numbers. They have also asked for people to put on my Facebook their experiences from the meditations. Those of you who do send your wonderful comments, would you consider putting them up on Facebook please?


October 2020 Schedule - Arcturian Light Transmission

Artwork for this video by Richard Thomas Scott


All meditations go out on my YouTube channel Carol Nayach Arcturian Light Please look them up, they are very powerful and transforming.



Having survived the upgrades of 2020 culminating in the solstice and Jupiter Saturn conjunction, we now have a new year to look forward, bringing in the new Earth and new you. It probably won’t be easy on the 3D level but our heightened consciousness will bring to us wonderful experiences of living in the Christed state of Being which is gradually integrating into our Being.

Thank you everyone for being part of our group in 2020 and for the powerful energy, based on Love, which we have developed between us. It will grow exponentially in the coming year.

So we continue with our monthly schedules, beginning of course with January.

Our Wednesday meditations always take place without fail.

The last December meditation will take place on:

Wednesday December 30th 7pm for 7.15pm UK
In the energies of the Full Moon. Amazing!

We then move into the New Year .

Every Wednesday, 7pm for 7:15pm GMT
Arcturian Light Transmissions
Our 1-hour weekly session of personal work and transformation.
Please join us, as we come together to receive the new downloads and activations from the higher realms. The high frequencies can only bring about a change for us when we work with them on continuous basis.
£10 to:

**You will find the link to all events below this schedule

Saturday, 01/02, 2-6pm GMT
Our 4 hour session of Q&As, Meditations and teachings.
We come together to receive and ground new downloads available to us,
leading us into the energies of the New Year
£20 to:

Sunday, 01/03, 4-6pm GMT
Powerful Planetary Work, healing and activations bringing in the higher energies available to us in the energies of this new year.
Let’s see where the Arcturians take us.
£10 to:

Saturday, 01/23, 2-6pm GMT
Our 4 hour session of Q&As, Meditations and teachings.
We come together to receive and ground new downloads available to us,
£20 to:

Sunday, 01/24, 4-6pm GMT
Planetary work, healing and activations bringing in the higher energies available to us.
£10 to:


ZOOM access link for all events:
password: Arcturus


For personal sessions and comments, contact 


Please enquire directly for one-one healing sessions, whether in person or on Zoom / call.


I would like to invite all of you to please connect with one another on our facebook Page ‘Arcturian Light London’ –


Let the Light shine ever more brightly.

My chat and meditation with Akasha - Arcturian Light Transmission

Opening to the Arcturians with Steve Nobel

Personal Healing Sessions

Personal sessions are available.

Excellent for opening to the light, connecting to many higher beings, raising one’s vibration and increasing your spiritual light quotient, entering Arcturian healing chambers on the starship Athena to receive powerful healing and creating a personal corridor to the Arcturian Crystal Temple.

If you would like to book an appointment please get in touch. Charges are by donation.


To join one of the events or to book a personal healing session get in touch with Carol Nayach.

YouTube: Carol Nayach Arcturian Light
Instagram: arcturian_light_london
Zoom Meeting ID: 9829596972

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NOTE: My work has been greatly influenced by the many channelled books of David K Miller from the Arcturians and his Arcturian Group of Forty Project. For more information on his work refer to website David Miller Group of Forty. Our thanks to him for the enormous volume of material he has channelled and published from the Arcturians.